About me

I was born in Zaragoza back in 1984

My actual name is Miguel Julián, but almost everyone call me Miky, or maybe figarocorso if we are around a computer

I am a computer engineer

I've worked at ANKO SA, Colegio Juan de Lanuza, Zentyal, Frogtek and Sysdig

But working with a computer all time is sometimes so boring...

that I also love:
- learning as much as I can
- travelling to discover new places and meeting new people
- collaborating for free with others to achieve a bigger goal
- ... and teaching

Let's get technical: Development

Django + RabbitMQ + Flask + Cherrypy + Scripts + SQLAlchemy

Perl + Redis

PHP (also some C bindings) + MySQL

JavaScript + Java + DB4O + Ant (At Shogun's Fate -MMOG-)

Pandas (+ R + R-studio + ShinnyApps)

Wordpress theming and plugin development

JQuery (a lot) + CSS-Less (I try) + Bootstrap (Ty!) + HTML (I had to)

Why development?

Because it is creative and challenging

Agile + Quallity Assurance

The "we never do this enough": TDD + PairProgramming

The must: Scrum/Kanban/CustomAgileFoo + SMART + Retrospectives

Tones of work: Managing and testing deploys

Automation: Jenkins + GitHub pull request checker = Coverage + Tests

An example: Jenkins + Docker + PRE env + Selenium + Robotframework

More technologies: Sikulli - ANSTE - Espresso

Why QA? Why agile?

- Because it is critical, helpful and not everyone like it

- Because it involves humans in the equations


One ring to rule them all

Cloud tech management and in-site metal nightmare

Linux containers with Docker and Kubernetes

Configuration management with Puppet, Chef and (less) Ansible

Why DevOps?

DevOps joins almost everything tech I like all together

System Administration

Linux mail infrastructure

Dovecot and Postfix with LDAP/SambaAD and HA

Zarafa and SOGo groupware solutions

Roundcube + Roundcube plugins development

Mail filter: ClamAV, Amavis, SA, Razor

Apache2, Nginx, gUnicorn-Supervisor and HAProxy

HA core with Corosync and Pacemaker

Windows server administration

Active directory with GPOs

IIS, DNS and mail management


A master thesis: "DVega: A Grid Service Oriented Workflow Management System"

Something about grid computing with Globus, workflows with WSRF and Petri Nets

At work

Design and deploy a scalable cloud Zarafa(mail) infrastructure

Configuration management of a OpenChange infrastructure

AWS: dynamic EC2 resources creation, load balancing, networking, S3, RDS(cluster)

GC: AppEngine, Datastore, ContainerEngine, BigQuery

Vocations (the calling)


Worked as highschool Math/CS teacher for 4 years

Sometimes teaching teachers is worse than students :-)


Worked for two years at Genbeta (2M visitors/month)

"Ratones en la Red" - Computer radio segment for RNE

Dozens of music reviews for several media

What else motivates me

Working is not everything

Astronomy, motorsport, sports, travelling, music, writing, events, books, cinema, ...

It'll be quick, trust me. Let's begin!


More than a hobbie, a passion

Organising events

Moments in life to meet great people

TEDxZaragoza - Trying to sabotage our lifes

Pint of Science - Bringing science to people... and pubs!


An idol... to emulate in many ways (at least I try so!)

But I also love the theory... a lot.


France, Andorra, Italy, Monaco, Swizerland, Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, Malta, Iceland and many more to come.

But also Spain. Because we usually forget how beautiful and charming is our country (37 out of 50 regions so far).

But IMO it is not only about visiting places...


... is about meeting people, learning and living new experiences

Last pictures

Sports, juggling and summer camp monitor:

Talks, radio and a python "expert" :)

There are more activities to live and enjoy

Writing: A hidden passion. Not everything but take a look

Playing the electric guitar: I enjoy music... thus, why not?

Reading: Cien Años de Soledad, Momo, Silmarillion, Hyperion, ...

Cinema: 12 Angry Men, The Bride Princess, Intouchables, ...

Nature: Climbing, hiking, listening, feeling, ... natur-ing!

That's all!